FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Q: What format does my design need to be?

A: The important thing is that it is actual print size and 300dpi. .ai .tiff .pdf or .psd are the best formats for us. Please ask if you have any queries. We can do art or create files from real life art but there may be a charge if we need to spend lots of time on it. 

Q: How much is a screen print?

A: The more colours in the print the more expensive, the more things you are getting printed the less. Click here to see a pricing guide. These figures are not binding as each job is special and unique.

Q: Do you do one-offs?

A: Yes but i need to make a screen for each colour so multi colour prints get pretty expensive for one garment. For a full overview of our pricing for custom prints please refer to the price guide on the textiles page

Q: Can you print on cotton, wood, leather, glass, metal, polyester....?

A: We can print on pretty much anything flat but the eco-friendly inks I use are best suited to natural substances. We are happy to trial print anything.


Q: How eco are your inks?

A: We have endeavoured to source the most planet friendly inks in the world. The colourmaker inks are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) as being soil safe. They contain no solvents or polyphthalate plastics. If you want to know why these plastics (used in 98% of commercial screen printing) are bad here is a link on the Great Pacific trash island

Q: Are your inks as long lasting as plastisol?

A: We have been using exclusively non plastic inks since 2010 and the first shirts I've printed since then still look great after many washes.

Q: Do you supply garments?

A: Yes, We have accounts with most major suppliers in New Zealand and get wholesale prices which I am happy to pass on to my beloved customers. I use and recommend AS Colour, Gildan, Aurora and many other reputable brands:


Q: Can I supply my own garments?

A: Yes, we will charge a small handling fee and also will need to do a sample print on one garment to ensure they are suitable for screenprinting.

Q: Do you bag the garments?

A: Our Kaupapa is about leaving as little imprint on the planet as possible so we do not package the shirts.

Q: Can you print photos?

A: Yes but colour photos are VERY expensive to print. Black and white is much cheaper.

Q: Do you do embroidery?

A: Yes, ASP have a told of the line Ricoma embroidery machine and can embroider caps, jackets, hats bags etc