We use our own Workshy range of shirts to show what can be done when ethical and artistic realities are given as much weight as financial ones .

We offer a full range of screen-printing services and only screen-printing services. We are drawing on over twenty years worldwide experience and a total dedication to silkscreen excellence to provide you with an artistic print service.

While screen-printing is a pre-digital art form we use the latest computer technology to get the best results from your art and the latest GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) eco-friendly ink technology to produce vibrant, visually striking results.

We are making a commitment to this holistic approach and use no petro-chemical based inks. By using our worldwide contacts we intend to stay on the cutting edge of sustainable screen-printing.

All this and yet we offer more than competitive pricing.

Don't believe just us, here's what some of our lovely customers say! Or check out Lucy Revill's interview of our founder here.

If you're still not satisfied please have a look at our FAQ page! We cover a wide variety of questions such as pricing for custom prints and what materials make a viable canvas for your work.

Now at 7 Hokio Beach Road , Levin